TNO (The Netherlands) was founded in 1932 by an act of the Dutch parliament to make scientific research accessible and applicable for businesses and government. TNO is a not for profit organisation which by law is required to operate in an independent and objective way. TNO’s trademark is the application of rigorous scientific principles to a wide variety of disciplines. At the start of 2010 TNO employed 4.000 highly qualified professionals. TNO is active in seven main themes: Industrial innovation, Healthy living Energy, Mobility, Built environment, Information Society and Defence, Safety and Security.


CEA  (France) is a public research organization with approx. 16,000 staff members acting as a key actors in four main areas: low carbon energy (nuclear and renewable), information and communication technologies for healthcare, research infrastructures , defense and global security. For each of these domains, CEA lies on basic research of excellence towards supporting industry. The Research and Technology Division of CEA (CEA Technology) gathers more than 4500 staff members in its 3 research institutes.


TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Foundation (Poland) is a scientific organisation created in 2003, acting as representative of a group of Polish scientific and research institutes cooperating within the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Consortium (established in 2001), with approx. 2000 researchers and 20 laboratories in eight Polish cities, its work covers a wide range technology research including KETs.


VTT (Finland), the Finish RTO is instrumental to the Finish government to enhance the innovation capacity of the Finish economy. It is one of the largest research and technology organisation in Europe, with strong linkages to industry and government, including technological expertise and with policy development.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Austria) is a professional innovation and technology provider of about 400 employees with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in Styria. With its active involvement in the development of the Photonics Platform Austria or the Nanonet Styria the company has played a key role in the initiation and management of Austrian pilot initatives related to Key Emerging Technologies.


Tecnalia (Spain), the largest private research and technology organisation (RTO) in Spain has the mission of transforming knowledge into GDP, improving people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies. Tecnalia has wide international scope and a great impact on local industry base.


D’Appolonia (Italy) is an international engineering consulting company operating in all continents with a staff exceeding 600 employees. Since November 2011, D’Appolonia is an important asset of the RINA Group. D’Appolonia provides advanced consulting services in the field of innovation management, with direct, hands-on expertise on transfer of cross-cutting KETs towards industry.

Cambridge University Technical Services

Cambridge University Technical Services (United Kingdom) has a breadth of engagement across academia, industry and government on the emergence of new technologies and the development of new manufacturing industries. Specifically drawing on expertise from the Institute for Manufacturing, this partner has worked directly with the UK government on new models of support for manufacturing and most importantly for this proposal with the intermediate organisations that support developments across TRLs 4 to 8, specifically the Technology Strategy Board. 

Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research

Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research (Germany) is one of the leading institutes in the field of innovation dynamics and innovation policy in Europe with key competences in socio-economic research, foresight, evaluation, impact assessment and policy consultancy. It is active in the fields of emerging technologies (ICT, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Neuro"technologies", Medical Engineering), energy, environment, production and manufacturing, as well as regional research and innovation policy. Fraunhofer ISI has more than 20 years experience in analysing trends, innovation processes, innovation systems, and innovation policies of emerging technologies and their economic, social, ethical, legal, and environmental framework conditions and impacts.

Spark Legal Network and Consultancy ltd

Spark Legal Network and Consultancy ltd is dedicated to providing Europe-wide legal consultancy services. Spark has a unique operating model that is founded on an extensive network of legal experts across Europe and incorporates links to and partnerships with high-ranking universities and Institutes. The depth and width of Spark’s legal network is the key to is strength: it can provide complete teams of legal experts for a broad range of subject-matters across the 27 EU Member States, including competition law, State aid, freedom of movement, intellectual property law, energy law, environmental law, public procurement law, corporate law, labor law, criminal law, immigration law.


Strauss&Partners is a Brussels-based European consultancy, led by Dr. Roland Strauss. The activities comprise public affairs, technology management, project and event management. Strauss&Partners works for private, public and academic sector organisations with a strong focus on policies an funding instruments relevant for research and innovation. The core competence is built on long industry experience. Strauss Partners’ core competence lies in positioning and guiding its clients according to their specific strategic needs in the vast and complex EU political environment.


Noblestreet designs user-friendly software, and clear and creative websites. To us, ‘simplicity’ means leaving out the obvious and adding value-adding components. We are active players in a market where technologies and platforms are constantly changing. As a result, we always work with the latest technologies. Due to our flexible approach, we see opportunities where other parties draw the line.