Key Enabling technologies are an important driver for both the economy and contributing to the grand challenges our society is facing today and tomorrow. The European Commission has taken up this challenge to develop a policy to stimulate the development and deployment of these technologies. 

The full innovation value chain that transforms science into application includes various stages of development, perhaps in line with the different stages of a butterfly. Within the KETs discussion, often the so-called Technology Readiness Levels concept is used to differentiate between those stages:

  • In the beginning, research is conducted to create more insight in basic principles and to translate those basic principles into a proof of concept.
  • During the next stages, these concepts are transformed into an actual prototype and is tested and demonstrated.
  • This prototype needs to be manufactured in a commercial environment, which takes up scaling to low cost, high volume manufacturing.
  • In the last stage, the product is introduced into the market, where the system is tested, completed, and validated.

Policy instruments can support the research and innovation towards a proof of concept in Research environment. However, the actual up scaling in the broadest sense towards commercial manufacturing (from pilot lines to production) is often hardly supported by policy.

This project limits its focus to this up scaling and implementation, with specific attention for those initiatives which are driven by a combination of technologies (multi-KETs). Within the project, the up scaling process is both assessed and demonstrated to the broader community. 


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has the responsibility of advising the project team and Commission on all elements they consider to be relevant in view of the goals of the project. Furthermore, they are a critical sounding board and a first evaluator of the project team approaches, choices and conclusions. The members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Paul Mijlemans (UMICORE)
  • Mike Wale (Oclaro)
  • Terry Wilkins Leeds University
  • Paolo Matteazzi (MBN)
  • Andreas Wild (ENIAC)
  • Manfred Kircher (CLIB2021)
  • José Carlos Caldeira (EFFRA)

Click the following link to download the Multi-KETs Pilot Lines leaflet