Infineon Technologies Austria AG, headquartered in Villach, is part of Infineon Technologies AG, a global leader in semiconductor and system solutions that enable energy efficiency, mobility and security concepts of the future. Infineon Austria holds worldwide manufacturing, R&D and business responsibilities for Infineon. It distinguishes itself as Infineon`s globally leading centre of competence for power semiconductors. More than 3000 employees, of which around 1100 drive advancement through R&D activities, contribute to Infineon`s worldwide success at the Villach, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz and Vienna sites. Their expertise and business excellence ensures leading edge system-, development-, engineering- and manufacturing intellectual property (IP) in the four Infineon business divisions: 

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Power Control
  • Power Management & Multimarket
  • Chip Card & Security

The pilot production activity 

The advantages of volume manufacturing in 300 mm silicon wafer technology are well-established with regard to digital integrated circuits but the ability to apply it to the production of power semiconductor devices has so far eluded large-scale producers. The ENIAC JU projects “Enabling Power Technologies on 300mm wafers” (EPT300) and “Enhanced Power Pilot Line” (EPPL) aim to develop and implement technology and processes to achieve full-scale production of existing and new power devices on 300 mm wafers. This will place European fabs at the forefront of power semiconductor manufacturing worldwide and open up further employment opportunities both in the fabs and across the entire European electronics industry.

The pilot line projects EPT300 and EPPL are addressing micro- and nanoelectronic challenges in the area of power semiconductors as well as advanced manufacturing challenges including handling and automation concepts for thin wafer and special requirements of More-than-Moore fabrication lines including also strategies for integrated multi-wafer-diameter manufacturing.

The goals are twofold: to achieve a significant, double digit, wafer cost ratio through the EPT300 project, which would strengthen the European power semiconductor industry as a complete eco system, and to develop new devices based on new materials and technologies within the frame of the EPPL project.

How does Infineon's pilot production activity help to overcome the valley of death?

The preceding basic research outcome, core technologies and a prototype 300mm thin wafer manufacturing process are available. However, the substrate material isn’t yet on the market nor are the machines for handling and processing 300mm ultra-thin wafers available off-the-shelf. The challenges to overcome the valley of death are addressed by having well selected consortia ranging from substrate material and equipment suppliers to semiconductor process and assembly experts as well as including partners for research and pilot application to cover product validation and qualification. 

Pilot production activity success case and best practice example

With the help of ENIAC JU, European semiconductor manufacturers and related European equipment and materials industries will be the first in the world to have a complete 300mm power semiconductor processing line dedicated to power-device production.

Both projects with their large consortia of more than 50 partners are bringing together large industry with small and medium enterprises, high-tech research institutes and leading European universities. By early involvement of the application oriented industry, the know-how, necessary to define and specify advanced power semiconductors is shared. This will further strengthen the innovation leadership of European industry.

Within the EPT300 project  it was so far possible to qualify, for all planned300mm technology at least one demonstrator – IGBT, SFET, CoolMOSTM - for production out of the pilot line at Infineon in Villach. A base line volume was established. This covers a 1:1 transfer of existing technology types and with the help of EPPL will cover new technologies in the near future.

The semiconductor industry, the related manufacturing science, the automotive industry and industrial electronic industry of Europe will benefit from the generated IP. This project is one major step to solve the grand societal challenges, identified by the European commission.


Contact details

Project websites: and 

Project co-ordinator: DI Johann Massoner
Project management: Dr. Cristina De Luca

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Siemensstr. 2, A-9500 Villach, Austria
T +43 51777 6402  / or 3295


Scheduled events (workshops, tours):

Addressing different target groups - industry, research and policy makers - two in-depth workshops will be organized at the premises of Infineon sites. These workshops will comprise line tours (clean room environment), trainings and sharing of best-practice as well as talks and in-depth discussions. A further activity with invited participants will be integrated in the ECSEL Austria conference introducing the mKPL project and the pilot line demonstrator activity as well as sharing insights on the progress of the project.

Focus and targeted outcome of the workshops: 

  • Introduce pilot line activities in the area of power semiconductors
  • Deliver best practice examples in setting up large pilot line activities
    - Building and managing large consortia
    - Road blocks in setting-up
    - Financing – National / EU funding, etc.
  • Document and exchange experiences that the participants have made with pilot line activities
  • Introduce the mKPL project and its objectives
  • Provide first-hand experience of a pilot line in semiconductors environment
  • Enhance awareness for the scale and challenges of a power semiconductor pilot line setup.

Further information will become available on this webpage and on the project’s websites and

Press releases

Press release February 2013 -> 300-Millimeter-Thinwafer Production fully qualified

“Press release - 300-millimeter thin-wafer production by Infineon completes qualification - First CoolMOS™ family chips now being shipped worldwide” See:

Austrian State Award for Innovation 2013 – Infineon with EPT300 achieved first in the world production of power semiconductor products on 300mm thin wafer.  See:

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