Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant ( is an independent, state-of-the-art pilot plant for the bio-based economy that operates from laboratory level to multi-ton pilot scale. It is located in Ghent, Belgium and operates under the open innovation principle: companies and research centers from all over the world can make use of its services. The mission of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is to bridge the innovation gap between research and industrial production. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a European front runner in terms of industrial biotechnology, one of the six European KETs. 

The pilot production activity 

The objective of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is to bridge the valley of death between research and industrial application of new biobased products and processes. It operates as a one-stop-shop, where the entire bioprocess, from biomass raw material to the pure and refined bioproduct, can be performed. Technologies offered include biorefining, biomass pretreatment, biocatalysis, fermentation, purification and product recovery and green chemistry. The expertise of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant lies mainly in the KET Industrial Biotechnology, however, there often is an overlap with other KETs like Nanomaterials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

How does BBEPP's pilot production activity help to overcome the valley of death?

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant offers services in line with the needs that arise when developing a biobased product or process starting from lab scale, with the intention to introduce the product to the market. This entails: 

  • process development and optimization
  • scale-up (translating lab scale into industrial scale)
  • custom manufacturing of the new product to assess the market response
  • start-up assistance of a production facility at the premises of the client

Pilot production activity  success case and best practice example

  • Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was founded in 2009, and already helped a substantial number of clients from different sectors and different countries.
  • As an open innovation centre, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is at the heart of innovations in cooperation with companies, sector organisations, and research centres.
  • As Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is supporting the transition from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy, it facilitates cooperation between different sectors that never collaborated before.


Contact details

Ruth Oltenfreiter, PhD
Project Manager


Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Rodenhuizekaai 1
B-9042 Gent
Kaainummer: Haven 4220a
Mob +32 494 44 03 80
Fax +32 9 335 70 02

Scheduled events (workshops, tours):

BBEPP will organise 2 workshops and several guided visits upon request at the facility of the pilot plant. The workshops will be planned Q3-Q4 2014 whereas the guided tours will be possible at a fixed date every month which will be announced on the website.