Conference 'Key Enabling Technologies for a European Industrial Renaissance'

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are the technologies of the future that have been identified as strategic to Europe. KETs have applications in multiple industries, in emerging and traditional sectors.  They comprise micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics and advanced manufacturing technologies. The European Commission has established an EU strategy for the implementation of KETs[1]. KETs are at the core of the EU Industrial Policy flagship initiative, as confirmed in the recent communication ‘For a European Industrial Renaissance[2].

On this occasion, the RO-cKETs and MultiKET Pilot Lines projects presented their results. These two projects have been launched by the European Commission as a policy support to the implementation of the EU KETs strategy:  the RO-cKETs study aims at identifying the industry and market needs for future KETs developments, the MultiKETs Pilot Lines project develops a shared vision for the development of KETs pilot lines in Europe.

The two-day conference featured high-level experts from industry sharing experience in pilot activities, as well as keynotes from policy makers with insight into new funding opportunities and strategies.  The entire experience was moderated and enhanced with the findings from the studies carried out by the RO-cKETs and MultiKET consortia.


Agenda -  April 3

09:30-09:40Welcome introduction by the Chairman
Thomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI

The multiKETs project, results to date and view on demonstrators
Maurits Butter, TNO

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Keynote 1 – Managing the complexity of a large pilot production activity
Roberto Zafalon, ST Microelectronics

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Keynote 2 – Providing Access to Newcomers – SMEs, technology validation and neighboring regions Brecht Vanlerberghe, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

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11:15-11:45KET Studies - “METHODOLOGY, WORK PLAN AND ROADMAP FOR CROSS-CUTTING KETS ACTIVITIES IN HORIZON 2020 (Ro-cKETs)” and “PREPARATION AND DEMONSTRATION OF MULTI-KETS PILOT LINES ACTIONS, Mr. Gavino Murgia, Deputy Head of Unit Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy, DG Enterprise & Industry, European Commission (tbc)

Keynote 3 – Ohio Example
Wayne Embree, Executive Vice President TechColumbus

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12:00-13:00Lunch and networking

Showcase of the multiKETs Pilot Line Demonstrators


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Dedicated session on multiKETs

13:45-13:55Introduction to the parallel sessions
14:00-15:15Parallel sessions
  • Large Pilot Production Activities: This session will focus on how to deal with complex issues such as high capex, multi-source financing, regulatory issues, partnering with suppliers, and assessing impact. Chair: Andreas Wild, director of ENIAC.

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  • SMEs and Pilot Production Activities: SMEs have special challenges in engaging in pilot production activities, such as Intellectual Property management, obtaining funding, developing supplier networks, or choosing when to invest. This session will explore these issues with references to real case examples.  Chair: Roger Whatmore, Imperial College.
  • Facilitating Pilot Production Activities: How can public policy contribute to making pilot production activities operational (regional, national, EU)? How can regional development agencies be involved? What should be the role of technology platforms, shared facilities? Chair: Luuk Borg, of the European Commission

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15:45-16:15Feedback from parallel sessions (by session chairmen)
16:15-16:45Upcoming MultiKET Demonstration activities
16:45-17:00Farewell remarks from the Chairman
17:00Drinks and snacks and time for discussion