Final mKPL Conference: Public support for multi-KETs pilot production: A roadmap to jobs and growth

The final conference of the mKPL project was held in 22 January 2015. With more than 120 participants it was a great success. Thanks to all contributors and participants for the lively discussions (see News section). The presentations are available for download below.

Please find further information in the conference brochure.

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21.1.2015Reception (European Parliament, Brussels) 
19.30Welcome receptionWelcome address:
Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP 
Arnold Stokking, Managing Director TNO
22.1.2015Conference (Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre, Rue Montoyer, 51, 1000 Brussels)
8.30Registration and coffee
9.00WelcomeChairman: Thomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI
9.10Multi KETs Pilot production: EU policyPedro Ortun, Director of DG ENTR, European Commission
9.25The Multi KETs Pilot Lines (mKPL) project
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Ruud Baartmans, TNO, mKPL project manager
9.40mKPL project scope and findings: a common understanding of pilot production activities
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Maurits Butter, TNO, mKPL scientific manager
10.10Coffee break
10.30Technology validation in a common Pilot production
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Tommy Höglund, Acreo Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing
10.50mKETs-pilot production in medium sized companies and Mid-caps
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David Billon Lanfrey, Sofradir
11.10Shared facilities for Pilot production
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Wim Soetaert, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
11.30Multiple partner consortia and joint innovation in a technology eco-system
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Johann Massoner, Infineon
11:50Tentative Policy roadmap
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Maurits Butter, TNO, mKPL scientific manager
12.10Lunch break
13.10Introduction to parallel sessionsThomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI
13.20Parallel sessions on roadmap: How to handle complexity of KETs – The tentative policy roadmap
Session 1Technological complexity: Technology infrastructure and institutional support (Shared facilities, RTOs)

D. Holden
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G. Gustafsson
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Chair: Göran Gustafsson, Acreo Swedish ICT
Session 2Value network complexity: aligned development in an Eco-system (Network support)

M. Meister
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Chair: Rob Hartman ASML
Session 3

Market complexity: Pilot production for the verification of applications (Demonstrators)

A. Braun
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O. Sandberg
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Chair: Olof Sandberg, RISE
14.10Coffee break
14.30Wrap up of parallel sessionsChairs
14.45Panel discussion with a panel of representatives from policy, industry and researchChair: Thomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI
15.45Conclusions and final remarksThomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI
16.00End of the conference: Snacks and drinks

Confirmed Discussion Panel Members:
- Manfred Kircher (Cluster Industrial Biotechnology CLIB)
- Walter Nadrag (Sico)
- David Billon Lanfrey (Sofradir)
- Gavino Murgia (DH IDABC, EC)
- Mathias Rauch (Fraunhofer)
- Dr. Martin Pfeiffer (Heliatek)
- Peter Eriksson (VINNOVA)


The conference takes place in the frame of the “multi Key-Enabling-Technologies Pilot Lines” Project initiated by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry. The project aims at the preparation of a common understanding of pilot production activities and how they could be supported by the European Commission. Pilot production activities (also known as pilot lines or plants) build the bridge between research and industrial production. Today, many promising technologies remain in the laboratory, as they are not able to cross this bridge, even though they could contribute to productivity and growth. A policy to support pilot production activities is a promising tool to help companies in overcoming this “valley of death”.


Reception at the European Parliament
- The  Access Pass will be available at the Main Entrance (facing Place Luxembourg side) of the European Parliament from 18h45 to 19h45 on Wednesday, 21 January.

Conference at the Microsoft Executive Briefing CentreRue Montoyer, 51, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Google map link
The registration desk will be situated at the entrance of the Centre.

Click here to view the conference brochure.